Dominic signs to write the screenplay for coming-of-age feature #LondonBoys for producer Lara Greenway of Brave Soldier Films. The film is to be directed by Gary Nurse.

Life is moving in the right direction for Chris, having just graduated from Manchester University and seeking a new walk of life with his equally driven girlfriend, Lauren. Upon returning to North London, Chris learns the true severity of his mother’s depleting physical condition, leaving her jobless and no longer able to provide for the family. Chris puts everything on hold to support his mother, Roxanne, and teenage sister, Tasha, but something inside him seems to shift after he is reunited with former best friend, Ash. Chris can’t help but keep his guard up as Ash tries to rekindle their friendship, but the more he dodges him the greater his persistence becomes, targeting the whole family. Chris is plagued by Ash’s haunting shadow, slowly unravelling the man and discovering what happened in the past, but also what needs to happen for him to finally have peace. – Ellen Gee


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